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Running & Fitness

1-2-1 Personal Coaching

 Why have a coach? Isn't that a bit "serious"?

Not at all. There is not a single person who would not benefit from at least one thorough personal coaching session.

Planned and tailored to your situation, 1-2-1 sessions are the most effective way of making significant improvements and building your running knowledge in the quickest time. You may think that personal coaching is for elite runners but we take equal pleasure in developing runners who are new to the sport as much as seasoned veterans trying to achieve marginal gains.

The personal coaching sessions are tailored for runners of all ages and abilities and are designed to address any issues you may be experiencing. These sessions cover the skills needed to participate in events of all distances and speeds and are ideal for injury prevention and recovery. 

Through a number of varied workshops we can look at all aspects of your running, addressing not only your running technique but improving your conditioning and suggesting activities for cross training and endurance building. We can offer advice on nutrition, injury prevention and ready you for race day by taking you through the preparation and tactics to bag those valuable but often elusive PBs.

Support documents and guidance notes will be provided for you to keep so that you can carry on training thoroughly in your own time.

Parkside is all about the personal and these sessions are also a great way to discuss running issues in real detail and have someone to exchange ideas, hopes and fears with. We will deal with the mental aspects of running not just the physical and deliver you to the start line in peak condition and with the fitness and know how of how to execute your runs perfectly.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

-Henry Ford