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Running & Fitness

Who are we?

Parkside Running & Fitness has been created to provide a high quality, but most importantly personal and fun, experience for those seeking help, advice and structure with their running. The aim is to offer a comprehensive, high end experience but without the high costs that are often attached.

Based at Highoods Health Clinic in Colchester, but delivering training throughout the town and surrounding areas, we work on a philosophy of keeping things simple but effective and tailoring our service so that every client receives exactly what they need.

Parkside can improve every aspect of your running, from your first ever run all the way through to your race strategy and even pacing you to a Personal Best. We can help you with injury prevention advice, improving your running form and provide training plans that wil take you to where you want to be. If you are someone who likes stats we will provide you with performance data and analysis, but if it is emotional support you really need then you are definitely in the right place. Parkside was created to provide the very best, personal, thorough support.

We work with newcomers who are undertaking the Couch to 5k right up to experienced Ultrarunners competing in some of the World's toughest events and we have worked with many athletes and sportsmen from other disciplines to aid their performance within their own sports.

Why Parkside?

The simple answer is "why not?", to quote the great philosopher Vanilla Ice: " If you got a problem, yo I'll solve it"

There is no particular type of runner that we cannot help or any situation we and our partners at Highwoods Health Clinic cannot help you to resolve. However honesty is always the best policy and any advice given will be realistic, open and honest.

The main focus is getting to know you as an individual; about your passions and what drives and motivates you. e then harness that and work together, setting challenging but realistic targets that will show you a clear path to improvement

Whether you are new to running, returning from a lay-off , a recreational runner or weekend racer the services on offer can help.

Success is achieved when the basics of running are folllowed as well as paying attention to every detail but while pushing you through your training, we will keep it fun!

Other services include locating lost mojos, putting springs into steps and polishing the hidden gem that you are.

Meet the Boss

 My name is Gareth Gailey and I have been a "serious" runner since I was 14 years old when I completed my first half marathon in a respectable but unspectacular 1 hr 47 minutes. It was also shortly after this that I was diagnosed with asthma and told not to exercise which probably tells you a little about my contrary ways.

 Despite that excellent medical advice, since that time I have completed numerous events and challenges in towns and cities across the globe. These were run over distances from 5 to 100km and I have experienced the joy, humour, friendship and camaraderie (and the occasional heartache) that running can bring.

 As time passes by my PBs and new challenges have become fewer and further between, much further. Yet I will always retain a deep love of the simple act of running and gettiing out into the great outdoors.

More and more I take more satisfaction in helping others achieve their goals and along the way helping them discover the joy and benefits that running has given me.

I am a committed member of the Colchester Castle parkrun core committee and always happy to lend my pacing skills or to volunteer at local races.

Having spent much of my career working within a training environment, and enjoying myself most in a learning situation and nurturing new skills and talents, I took the decision to marry my twin passions together; training and running.

,From this the seeds for Parkside Running & Fitness was sewn.

"If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now.

Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it"

- Priscilla Welch.