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Running & Fitness

Coaching Services

So what is a Coach?

Coaching comes in many forms and can be delivered in many ways

It is not all about shouting and whistles (well not all of the time) but providing knowledge, encouragement, support and delivering an effective route from A to B. It is about good advice, clear explanations and dealing with all the tiny issues that may arise both quickly and succinctly. It's about providing structure, information and instruction.

No matter how experienced, or indeed inexperienced a runner you are, retaining the services of a coach is the most effective way of getting the most out of your running in both performance and pleasure.

So what is a good Coach?

A good coach will guide you away from the pitfalls and common mistakes runners encounter and be the voice of reason and conscience. A good coach will be sympathetic when needed but have their angry face ready for those times when you roll out an excuse. They are a shoulder to cry on and a boot up the backside.

Most coaches themselves will have a coach or mentor as we are well aware of the benefits.

How does it all work?

As a starting point and to get you on your way we offer a FREE initial phone consultation. There is no further obligation on your behalf and the consultation is not a sales call. It is simply designed to identify what you hope to achieve, how we can help you, as well as being an opportunity to provide as much detail on these services as you need. No two enquiries are the same so it is as important for us to learn all about you as it is for you to learn about us.

The consultation will take approximately 20-30 minutes and hopefully clarify exactly how we can help you and the best course of action for you. This can be booked via our "Contact us" page

Following the consultation if you know what you want then we can book an appointment for your first session and begin working with you immediately. If you are less certain then we highly recommend the Induction and Assessment session we offer. This is 60-90 minutes of personal tuition and assessment of your running style and advice on how to improve it. These sessions not only give a taster of what you can expect and gain from having a coach but you will also receive an e-mail summary of our findings and future training session notes to get you started even if you require no further coaching from us.

There is no further obligation on your behalf, In fact I am so confident that you will benefit from just one session that should you be unsatisfied we will not charge you.

This is a small company so we can be highly flexible, I am all about offering value for money and I am always willing to discuss tailored packages and agree prices. You will not be asked for any long term commitment and the monthly packages can be cancelled at anytime or amended as and when required without fuss.

So what do you have to lose? Take a look below and see just what is on offer.

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1 TO 1 Training Sessions

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"All coaching is, is taking a person where they can't take themself"

- Bill McCartney