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Running & Fitness

Athlete Testimonials

If you are still uncertain how you can benefit from a coach or if it is really for you don't just take my word for it. I work with a broad range of clients, both young and old, of varying abilities and with diverse goals

As an act of kindness ages have not been included in the testimonials below, mainly because they would have only fibbed if asked anyway.

While Gareth is a talented and passionate athlete in his own right, his willingness to share his accumulated knowledge and experience with his ease of manner and infectious enthusiasm for sport has been vital in not only improving my running, but also in maintaining my own passion for endurance running.

His ability to tailor to the needs of the individual runner not only in a technical way, but also in a friendly and sociable manner, makes training with him a pleasure. He makes long runs seems short, and tough challenging sessions seem easier.

- Danny, Endurance Runner

I sought Gareth's help at a very difficult time due to injuries and upcoming events. So I was a bit in crisis.

Gareth was to the point, knowledgeable and most crucially calm. He took me through a step by step plan which made it all seem achievable, filling me with confidence and self belief. It may not always seem apparent why one would need a running coach - however I urge you to give it a go - my running has improved tremendously. Cannot recommend Gareth highly enough.

- Kevin

As a keen rugby player I am always looking to improve my speed and agility. This desire to be faster put me in touch with Gareth.

We met on a weekly basis so that Gareth could introduce me to the necessary drills for my desired goal, he also provided detailed ‘drill sheets’ so that I could replicate what we did in our sessions at home. The end result is that the he has changed my running style for the better. By correcting my form and posture my speed and acceleration has increased leading to better performances on match day. I would recommend Gareth as a coach because he is a very personable guy that has a real attention to detail.

-Tom, Rugby Union player

 Gareth is knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated, so his training plan really can be trusted to reach your goals. He listens, then tailors your training plan to fit both your life and your best ability. Gareth is reliable and always happy to answer any questions you may have. Most importantly for me he has always been positive and upbeat which really does keep me motivated.

I can highly recommend Gareth if you looking for a running coach.

- Tim

I thought I had the capability to run a faster race…but lacked the self-motivation to remember this mid-race, so I usually mentally floundered at a midway point and finished dissatisfied with my performance. Gareth accompanied me on initially a half marathon and then a full marathon and eventually a 100k ultra…and I gained a personal best time at all three! His consistent pacing, encouragement en route, and no-nonsense approach to talking me through my “self-doubt miles” helped me to not only gain pb results then, but now I have gone onto achieve good-for-age marathon times and run many more ultras thanks to his support and advice at that early stage of my running “career”.

- Lorraine

I started training with Gareth in order to get ready for an ultra marathon. I had not been running for long, but had previously completed a marathon and wanted to improve my fitness, stamina and running times. Gareth has provided me with a flexible training plan tailored to my needs and also made to fit round my home life - its not easy fitting a full workout in when you have a new baby at home!

He is always willing to discuss my progress and ways I can improve, constantly providing feedback and encouragement to keep me motivated - even when I picked up an injury Gareth adjusted my training and provided strengthening exercises to get me back to full fitness.

- Daniel

I’ve always considered myself a “slow” runner, actually taking 42 mins to complete a 5K run, with hills.

After speaking with Gareth and him gauging my fitness levels he created a running plan. I stuck to it and one month later that same 5K route took me 36 minutes – taking off an incredible 6 mins in just 4 weeks.

After 2 months on the plan I set out to run 10 miles, it was the furthest I had gone in 2 years, and smashed it. I set PBs all the way; 3 miles in 33 mins – Now 9 minutes quicker. I got to 6 miles in 1:07 – 8 minutes quicker than my 10K PB set 18 months previous and after 10.48 miles the watch said 2:02

Never did I think I could improve that much, so if you are looking for this sort of help & improvement, believing you’ll never get better, as long as you put the work in and stick to the plan, Gareth is the ideal man to plan.

- Nina

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