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Running & Fitness

Online Mentoring

Although we are based in Colchester we also have clients far and wide using our services online. Our Online mentoring not only suits those based elsewhere but also those who require structure to their training and full support but prefer a less hands-on approach or lead lifestyles that make personal coaching impractical.

This is another product based on a fixed monthly fee guaranteeing the very best guidance and mentoring

Each month you will receive

Training Plan & Session Plan notes

Your monthly schedule and an easy to follow, thorough but concise breakdown of the distances, pace and structure of each session within it enabling you to maximise each session


A constant point of contact for all queries, thoughts or doubts you may have. You will also recieve training advice, updates and feedback, coaching material and newsletters keeping you informed of al the latest in running theory

Telephone Support

Quick advice or clarification if needed just a phonecall away. Communication and confidence is key to a sucessful relationship between coach and athlete

Performance & Development Analysis

Records, stats and reflection on your previous sessions. You will be able to enter all of your completed exercise activity online and receive feedback from it

The fun thing about getting older is finding younger people to mentor.

- Mike May