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Running & Fitness

Running Clubs

Parkside is a local company keen to promote health and well being in the heart of the community, but let it be said we are also pretty fond of the odd cake, coffee and a good chat. We are not averse to the odd drink now and again either.

 Our running groups cater for runners of all ages and abilities, these are an excellent way of receiving top training tips and the support of your fellow runners. Check out our Running Group page to see which one suits you best. We are creating new groups all the time to provide quality training both during the daytime and evening. Our running group page describes the benefits of group training and has all the times and dates. Or you can see our timetable here

One of the Groups we have as a partner is the Long Brew Running Club, a community based running club that has a charitable element to it, as well as the vital appreciation of coffee and snacks. You can find out more about Long Brew on our Partners page

 As well as the variety of Running Groups that regularly take place across the week we now also have ourselves a Running Club; The Parkside Panthers. The Panthers field teams in local races and events across the country. The events are across a wide range of distances and although we try our best to take the race seriously we always make sure we never take ourselves too seriously. New additions to the club are always welcome with more details on our Parkside Runners page.