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Running & Fitness

Run Form Analysis and Running Form Assessment

An increasingly popular service, this session is not only the ideal starting platform for newer runners and developing good habits straightaway but can also be a huge benefit for more experienced runners.

If you have heard of Gait analysis the chances are it has been in relation to running shoe purchases. We always very strongly recommend that runners undergo Gait Analysis from a reputable sports retailer before investing in new running shoes and are happy to advise where you can find these shops but these only address part of the issue.

Yes, they will find the correct type of shoe for you and identify any flaws in your foot striking technique but there is no single shoe on the market, no matter what they claim or cost, that can resolve all of your injury problems, and this is because they do not address what may be going on with the rest of your body.

The session will not only examine your footstrike and foot position within your natural running style but also the Biomechanics of your overall running style. Within the assessment you will be advised on how to improve your running technique to become more efficient. (Greater efficiency = less effort, what is not to love about that?) We will then work with you demonstrating and practicing the exercises and drills to help you improve in these areas.

After the session you will receive a full written summary and guidance notes on everything you learnt during it.

The session is between 60-90 minutes and the aim is for you to understand the reasoning and benefits of these exercises and be able to take your new skills into your own training and be confident of practicing them on your own.