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Running & Fitness

Team 2gether is a brand new running group created as part of the Mental Health Ambassadors programme. Mental health Ambassadors work with their clubs and groups to support its members to improve their mental health through running and to support new people who are experiencing mental health problems to start running,

get back into running, or continue running. It is also to promote the benefits of exercise on everybody's mental well being.

Here at Parkside we have taken the concept a stage further, members of Team 2gether can also receive the additional services that we provide FREE; training plans, coaching etc. Not only that but we are working hard to secure the funding for other projects, we hope members can take qualifications to enable them to lead groups themselves.

There are many obstacles that deter us from taking up regular exercise and it is even more difficult for those with self esteem issues. Team 2gether works to remove these obstacles not only by providing a supportive and welcoming environment but with our clothes and shoe bank anyone can have access to the equipment they need to take part.

We are always looking for new members to join and welcome anyone who wants to take part. This is not exclusively a group for those with MH issues, anyone who wants to come along and join in are more than welcome.

In a very short time we have grown remarkably and we are able to offer many more services, the group is constantly evolving in to something quite special and we have big plans as time goes on, so take a look at the latest developments. For more info why not visit the Team 2gether website? Or visit the Facebook page.